365 Four Legged Heros.

The idea behind this blog is simply a channel for me to further understand the interspecies companionship between humankind and our best friend in the animal world. For eons since the first canine decided to follow paleolithic humans, the bond between us and them has been sealed. They have followed us on our treks for food and shelter, they have fought along side us in war, they have comforted our sick and dying, they have befriended our young, they have protected our families, they have died for us,caught food for us, they have amused us with their whimsical souls they have worked for us in our societies and civilizations, they have protected us, guided us and even saved countless of our lives. We owe them our deepest gratitude. These pages are my attempt to recognize their courage , sacrifice and honor. And though every dog is an individual this blog is in hopes to recognize their undying loyalty, and selfless nature by sharing the many throughout history who have shown us their heroic and protective nature.

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