Morgan the cadaver dog at Ground Zero

Morgan a German Shepherd with her K9 Partner Molly a Yellow Labrador were some of the first cadaver dogs on the scene at Ground Zero on September the 11th. Cadaver dogs are given a extremely difficult  job that no human or otherwise would want to do freely. It is in many ways a job without reward, in that there is no happy ending as they are finding a lifeless body or remains. These dogs are believed to be at times traumatized by the aspect of finding these bodies. It is upsetting to them to find the deceased person. The cadaver dog fully understands that these humans have ceased living, these dogs are not immune to the emotions of fear, sorrow and avoidance that we humans can feel surrounding death.
Morgan fell and was injured during the initial search but returned to duty as soon as she had seen a veterinarian. One can only imagine the massive amounts of hazardous chemicals, dust and contaminants and sharp objects these dogs had to endure.
Morgan was effected not only physically by the debris and toxic dust in the air at Ground Zero, but emotionally she needed to retire, so she did rest up until duty called her again, with another extremely tragic event in our nations history. When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana there was another massive emergency call for help. Morgan courageously traveled to work and find those who had gone missing and ceased to be. It is probably just as important to find these deceased bodies as it is to find living bodies. Buddhism  teaches that there is powerful Karma attached to caring for deceased bodies and helping the family and their spirit understand what has happened. Morgan and Molly’s job was thankless in many ways and it is something that most humans attach great fear and avoidance to death or any reminder of it such as bodies and remains. It is quite possible that Morgan has attained this highest Karma in helping scores of grieving family members.

If my life was to cease to be I could think of no greater spirit to see than a dog guiding me to the light, I can’t think of any being more trustworthy in life than the dog, so the same qualities of our dogs exist in death. I would imagine Morgan and Molly both and dogs like them are in many as guide dog for the souls who have fallen somewhere estranged from their families, giving not only closure to the family closure but a restful understanding to the soul of the departed.

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